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Continuous Double Flow Grain Driers

The New Environmentally Friendly Grain Driers from Alvan Blanch

The UK’s best selling continuous grain drier, now radically re-engineered gives you these unique benefits.

Double Flow Grain Drier Animation

Key Features

  • Unbeatable performance - Even at low temperatures (malt, seed etc.) thanks to boosted air flow.
  • Precise and consistent drying - Mechanical flow avoids streaming + full inversion of bed.
  • Uniquely versatile - Handles any granular crop in any condition - no need for pre-cleaning.
  • Highly fuel efficient - Total recovery of waste heat Insulation options to retain heat in plenums.
  • No downtime between crops - Instant, electronically controlled, follow-on without emptying/refilling/cleaning. Step-less auto speed control - instant response for optimum accuracy.
  • Minimal environmental impact - Low profile, low noise, dust controlled.
  • Low installation cost - Pre-erected, pre-wired and pre-plumbed.
  • Dependability - Backed by two year warranty and nationwide support.
  • Built to last - Proven longevity enhanced by new anti corrosion finish.
  • Quieter - Silencers and cladding options to reduce noise.

Built in Controllability

Convenient Operator Control


Double flow drier control panel

  • Simple to operate.
  • Controls conveniently close together.
  • Can be set to deliver optimum performance at all times.

Adjustable Bed Depth Control

  • Great results from every crop.
  • Adjustable to suit dense or very wet crops.
  • Optimises drying once airflow set.

Air Control - for light seeds

  • Stepless control.
  • No loss of light crop (eg linseed) in the exhaust airstream.

Safety Controls for Unsupervised Operation

  • Automated, phased, fail-safe shutdown of the drier is provided via sensors. These include:
    • feed hopper: empty
    • discharge: blocked
    • furnace/air/grain: overheat
    • motor: over-load
    • burner: lockout.
  • Allows unsupervised operation(if ancillary equipment is also adequately protected).

Choice of Electronic Control Systems

  • Relay logic control panel as standard.
  • Simple to operate with colour mimic& LED functions/fault indicators and infinite bed speed control.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.
  • Diagnostic display - maximises speed of operation.
  • PLC control system:
    • Enhanced control
    • Linked to PC
    • Improved system management
    • Remote telemetry package
    • Upgrade option links to Alvan Blanch technical assistance programme (RTDMS)

True Continuous Flow - no pulsing

  • Constant product discharge.Handling equipment capacity easy to specify.

Guaranteed Flow Consistency

  • Flow blockage eliminated, even for dirty/very wet crop.
  • Mechanical conveying and full bed inversion ensures consistent moisture removal.
  • Totally even drying suits all crops, especially malting barley.

Stepless Auto Speed Control

  • Changes in product moisture levels are detected by a probe embedded in grain flow.
  • Trace chain speed adjusts automatically to compensate incoming changes in crop conditions.
  • Smooth and instant changes ensure optimum evenness of moisture content.

Trace Chain Monitor - for crop recording and instant crop follow-on

  • Bed travel recording enables automatic stop when a new variety/type of grain has reached discharge.
  • Avoids downtime on changeover.
  • Enables calculation of tonnage dried.

Full Temperature Control - no nozzle changes

Full Temperature Control - no nozzle changes

  • Twin pressure jet burners adjust heat to achieve variable drying temperatures without changing nozzles.
  • Copes with all ambient conditions.

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Highly Efficient, Uniquely Versatile

Improved Fuel Consumption - thanks to air re-circulation

Double Flow Grain Drier Illustration

  • Warm dry exhaust air is re-circulated to hot fans, improving fuel consumption by up to 15%.
  • Fuel flow/totalising meters are available to record drying costs.

Insulation & external cladding options

  • Shielding walls for sound absorption.
  • Noise reduction by 80%
  • Protects drier.
  • Integrates with surroundings.
  • Helps with planning.
  • Insulation can save up to 100%.
  • External recycling of warm air.

High Air Volume - unbeatable for drying malting barley etc

MDF 22000 Drier 25t/hr - full highway version

  • Drying principle involves very high airflow rather than heat.
  • This system out performs all other driers.
  • In warm dry weather 2% moisture can be extracted without the use of any heat at all.
  • Low Fire Risk - very accessible
  • Mechanical conveying ensures that straw/chaff cannot become trapped.
  • Good accessibility to all compartments for periodic checking.

Mobile Versions

  • Choice of versions - basic for on-farm use and full highway for towing at up to 30K/hr.

Mechanical Flow - processes crop in any condition

SP 13750 Drier - Special products versionis for non granular products such as wood shavings, herbs etc.

  • Very wet and dirty crop can be handled without difficulty.
  • Avoids the need for a pre-cleaner or aspirator.
  • Cleaning is part of the drier’s standard process -no energy is involved as chaff exits with exhausted air.

Uniquely Versatile - perfect results on every crop

DF 22000 Drier - Specialist industrial application with exhaust de-humidification

  • Any crop, any condition can be dried.
  • No other drier can match this versatility.
  • Future proof - copes with changing agricultural trends.
An Example of the Products Dried
Barley Sorghum
Grass Seed Barley Flakes
Sunflower Peas & Beans
Cocoa Beans Wheat
Rice Coffee Beans
Borage Soya
Maize Rapeseed
Pellets Pyrethrum
Oats Linseed

Minimal Environment Impact

Flexible Planning Solutions

DF 11000 Drier - 12t/hr - typical part external installation, well adapted to old farm building

  • Available with fully weather proofed feed for full external installation.
  • Partial external situations
  • Indoor unit, complete with sealed cover to the top bed.

Options for Dust - removed by drier or left in the grain

  • Dust can be collected by a simple optional dust house.
  • Expensive cyclones not needed.
  • The dust can also be retained in the crop.
  • The drier copes without the need for pre-cleaning.

Low Noise - very quiet operation

DF 17750 Drier - 19t/hr - with blockwork dust collectioin house at rear

  • Fans location and blade design are specified to greatly reduce noise.
  • Axial flow cold fans are fitted with silencers.
  • Noise generated at low level,driers can be clad to create an even quieter installation.

Low Profile minimising visual impact

  • External cladding Is available.New drier installations can blend unobtrusively with farm building profiles, often overcoming very tight planning constraints.
  • Off-standard colours can be supplied.

Insulation – saves money in lost heat

DF 30000 Drier - 33t/hr - installation

  • Partial or full insulation of plenums is available.Saves loss of heat and reduces running costs.
  • Typical energy savings upwards of 2% at ambient conditions.

Quick to install, Long to Last

Pre-erected/Pre-wired/Pre-plumbed - for fast installation

Only require feed hopper, roof sheets and gearbox to be fitted,connection of the oil supply and electricity supply on site

Easy to relocate

If long term plans may change,Alvan Blanch driers are easy to relocate and retain excellent resale values.

Built to Last - with reliability backed by a 2 year warranty

DF 30000 Drier - part external installation, blends well with modern buildings in keeping with tight planning constraints

Alvan Blanch have a reputation to protect -hundreds of our driers from I950's - 60’s are still in operation today. Our construction system consists of steel sheets on a robust frame of structural channel section. All external joints are in-filled with silicon sealant to prevent ingress of moisture and a high quality Industrial paint system ensures full corrosion protection.

Reliability is ensured by the exclusive use of well proven,high quality components and is underlined by our 2 year warranty.

A Long Track Record For First Class Service

DF 30000 Drier - Commissioning

Of almost equal importance to the product itself is our approach to Customer Service. Our driers are totally designed and manufactured at our 9,000m2 factory, enabling direct control of every aspect. Highly experienced service engineers operate from the main factory and our depot serving Scotland/ Northern England. We also operate a 'Harvest Hot Line' parts and advisory service.

We guarantee ongoing parts availability for all driers. Our highly experienced area managers all grain system specialists are ready to prepare layout design proposals after a site visit.