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Coffee Huller

Key Features

  • Suitable for the smallholder and large processor
  • Long life stainless steel hulling
  • Knives and screen clamps
  • Available for either electric motor or close coupled diesel or petrol engine
  • Unique screen changing facility
  • Easily transportable


A proven range of Coffee Hullers suitable for the smallholder and large processor alike. Using the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques the AH Hullers are precision made machines, yet still retain their robustness, so essential in meeting the demands of today’s world. This combination of precision and robustness offers unparalleled throughputs with quality.

All Hullers are fitted with hulling knives and screen clamps in stainless steel for long life and increased hulling efficiency.

The quick-change screen facility is unique and allows screens to be quickly changedor checked.

Units are available for either electric motor or close coupled diesel engine: additionally the AH-4 Huller can be fitted with a petrol engine, giving the whole range complete versatility. The complete range of machines is also suitable for maize.

Basic Huller Huller c/w Electric Motor Huller c/w Diesel Engine
3.791 m3 800 kgs 3.791 m3 1000 kgs 4.800 m3 1250 kgs
2.44 m3 460 kgs 2.44 m3 620 kgs 2.88 m3 750 kgs
0.665 m3 100 kgs 0.665 m3 155 kgs 0.770 m3 190 kgs