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Boorhaman Family Chooses Alvan Blanch Grain Drier as Double Crop Solution

When the Coulthard family of Boorhaman went to cropping in summer and winter, a grain drier ensured they could make it work.

Dan Coulthard, who operates the farm and Ovens Rural Tech engineering business with his parents, wife and father-in-law, said they looked around for a suitable machine and settled on the British-made Alvan Blanch DF22000.

“They quoted that it would use a litre of diesel per per cent of moisture removed from each tonne,” he said.

“So if you were taking out 10 per cent of moisture from a tonne of grain you would use 10 litres per tonne.

Ready to go: The Ovens Rural Tech-modified Alvan Blanch DF22000 is designed to be transported around the state.

“We’ve put 1000 tonnes of corn through it so far and we’ve found that with a 150 kVA generator running from the same fuel source for additional requirements, it’s still using just under that litre per tonne.”

He said the drier’s ability to handle all crops was another appealing factor, with the family growing wheat or canola during winter and corn in summer.

The system is essentially two conveyors that form a horizontal vee. A bed of grain up to 350mm thick travels down the upper conveyor then drops to the lower conveyor that takes it down to the exit point.

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